Family Folklife Interview


Street scene

Everyday Family Life

Celebrating and Having Fun

Good Times and Bad Times





Family Folklife introduction

Toward a Better Balance description

  • Describe the town where you lived (or the one nearest to you). If you lived in more than one town, which one do you think of as "home?" Why?

  • What was the most important form of transportation in town?

  • When, if ever, did the family need to make a trip to a larger town? How did you travel there? What memories do you have of those times?

  • Who did the family shopping or marketing? Where and how often did they go?

  • What clubs or organizations did family members belong to? How important were these clubs to the family?

  • What community events or celebrations do you remember?


From Toward a Better Balance: Curriculum Guide for Multicultural Education, Susan K. Donley (Pittsburgh: Pennsylvania Ethnic Heritage Studies Center, 1988) ©1988 Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Used by permission.